3 Qualities of an Efficient Wedding Planner


You may be hearing the wedding bells already but you are far from completing all your preparations for the big day. This is the reason why we always recommend hiring a wedding planner. It doesn’t have to be expensive!

If you are living in a big city, you will find that there are hundreds to thousands of event planners who specialize in weddings. Due to their sheer number, you will also realize that there are varying prices for their services. Try to look for a balance: an experienced wedding planner who does not overcharge. These are the people who truly care for their clients and who have made wedding planning as a major passion in life.

Aside from the above mentioned quality, here are three more characteristics that you may look out for in a wedding planner:

  1. Meticulous and detailed

There’s no denying it: event planning is one of the most detail-oriented jobs out there. Everything can go well or go wrong from one tiny detail. For this reason, it is a no-brainer that you look for an event planner who is painstakingly meticulous when doing his or her work. Try to look for review websites or ask around your locality to find the right candidate. The best person is someone who is willing to work with you through all details of your wedding. This may be overwhelming on your part during the consultation, but you will soon realize how great it is to work with a seasoned professional. Many modern-thinking wedding planners also use tools such as an android app event planning.

  1. Friendly

If you are going to work with a professional, their personality would matter a lot. These are people whom you would be interacting with for the most part before your big day. It is therefore important that you entrust the responsibility to someone whom you actually enjoy communicating with. Look for an event planner who is known to be well-liked among their clients. Professional wedding planners may also have a Facebook page. Check out their reviews and see if any previous client had a bad experience with them.

  1. Tech savvy

Last but not the least, it pays to have a tech savvy wedding planner onboard. The reason for this is that they are more likely aware of the latest trends to spice up your wedding. They may also be using some applications that would help them run your event with more ease. For example, they may be toting their iPad around all the time for better organization and use dedicated event management apps for iPad. Technology is doing wonders in many industries – including the wedding planning industry. It is important that you work with people who are always moving forward with the times.

In terms of RSVP-ing among your invited guests, try to ask as well if your wedding planner uses an event attendance software or and event check in app in order to automate the check in process.