5 steps for the organization and management of your next event

The events sector is experiencing an authentic revolution thanks to the latest event technology focused on facilitating the organization and management of events.

A technology that involves offering, through a single software, integral solutions for each and every one of the stages of the event and through which the event organizer will achieve both reducing the cost of the organization and management and increasing the experience of its guests.

Let’s see what technology for events can offer in 5 simple steps:

1. Promotion and Communication of the event

The first thing to organize and manage your event is undoubtedly the communication of it to reach future guests.

With our technology for events, you can create in less than an hour the web and the App of the event as well as carry out a communication and promotion strategy through email marketing that will also help you automate tasks greatly facilitating the management process of The guests.

2. Confirmation of guests and payments

Once you have created the website of your event it is time to manage the registration or registration of your guests.

With our software, which offers the latest technology for events, you can create custom registration forms to be sent automatically to your guests by email or be linked to the web to receive spontaneous entries. In the event that your event is paid or you have certain payment activities, the form will be linked to the payment gateway automatically. After the payment, the assistance of the guest will be validated and confirmed, who will enter an automated task round according to the needs of the organizer and the characteristics of the event.

3. Activities management, customized agendas and networking

Here comes what could be the most interesting point for your guests. The main attraction of an event are the activities that comprise it, as well as the theme and its assistants. If these activities can be customized to the taste of the assistant, much better.

And, with our technology for events, you can create different activities whether they are paid or not, assign them to different types of participants, give them maximum capacities or even assign them automatically to each participant in strict order of application, saving us a lot of time in the management and keeping the event under control. The chaos in the events and overbooking in certain activities is over while others are deserted. With our technology for events you can control the way your event needs, all the activities included in it.

Equally interesting for your guests will be our customized agenda solution. It is about giving your guests the opportunity to create their own personalized agendas to attend the event, through which they will only attend those activities that really interest them. In this way each participant will live a unique and personalized experience based on their interests and needs.

And finally, and being one of the points that differentiate us and that gives more value to the guests is the solution of real and structured networking, a networking that can be done through different modalities that we explain in another article and that comes to offer to the guest the opportunity to request meetings with specific people before the event, thus planning their networking in order to get the most out of it with the people who really care.

4. Accreditations and start of the event

We already have our guests, organized the program of activities, we have a real and structured networking methodology and we know who will meet with whom and in what activities each will participate.

Now the doors of the event open and the moment of accreditation arrives. At Tu Fabrica de Eventos we have different methods to be able to prove agilely to ensure maximum agility.

5. Statistics and results

Not being the last point is the least important, because we must analyze the results well, analyze the investment returns and draw clear conclusions for the improvement of the next event.

With our technology for events, you have, of course, the real-time statistics of your event and perform as many personalized satisfaction surveys as you need to better assess what the success of the event has been. What data can we analyze ?

Number of registrants, assistants by type, number of emails sent, number of networking meetings scheduled, carried out and even an assessment of them, number of attendees to each activity, number of visits received at the exhibitors or sponsors stands, payments received and pending, the data thrown by the surveys, etc.

What do you think? Request a demo and start living the Eventscase experience. Explore the software for the most powerful and complete online event organization and management in the market.