Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

nicki cloud

The big day is coming and you might be questioning why hiring a wedding planner with mastery in complete event planning is worth it. The straight answer is that it makes things so much easier for you! Planning a wedding can be cumbersome, especially if it’s a big one and if it involves so many factors. Starting with the invitation list can already be challenging; what more when you get into the logistics of the venue, the catering, the give-aways, etc.

For this reason, we have compiled three practical reasons why you should consider hiring a wedding planner for the big event.

1.) Wedding preparations are stressful

No matter how organized you are as a person, preparing a wedding by yourself is bound to give you a headache. It can get very stressful, especially if you do not have the helping hands of friends and you are ironing out everything alone. Some DIY brides (or grooms) get panic attacks thinking about all the details of a wedding days before it’s bound to happen. To ease up on the pressure, hiring a professional with enough experience in wedding planning – with some for their entire careers – will make you relax knowing that your biggest day is in good hands.

2.) Planners usually work with different suppliers

Wedding planners, through their experience and reputation, usually have an entire network of suppliers. This takes off the biggest tasks on your list such looking for a photographer, a caterer, etc. Seasoned wedding planners also use technology and may be assisted by an event planner software. This takes the entire process of event planning to a different level since they have all their tasks and organization processes listed in one place.

3.) Allows you more time to think about more meaningful things

Now that the major bulk is taken off your back, you can now focus your time and energy on more meaningful things such as writing a heartfelt wedding vow, deciding on your wedding playlist, and even bonding with your beloved days before the big day. On the upside, you can also start planning on your honeymoon before the wedding since this is easier and only involves two people – you and your partner.

When looking for event planners, try to ask what tools they are using and which suppliers they recommend. If you want to be meticulous, you can also ask if they use a virtual event platform.